Pet Resort

Customers can register their pets and place reservations for them at various locations.
Admins can Edit Pets, Resorts, and Reservations, as well as view a report of all reservations for each location.

Tower Defense

A Simple Tower Defense game. (In Progress)
Made to learn more about modeling objects and working in 3D.


An online video game store.
Admins have the ability to manage games, reviews, and genre data.


Homepage for a Super Hero company with a database of Heros and Villians.
Admins have the ability to manage characters, events, and status data.

Console Dungeon

Text based Dungeon game.
Contains various races, weapons, and enemies all with varying stats and effects.
Enemy and Player stats scale with every victory or defeat.

Console World

Text based World Exploration.
Dynamically generated Landscape with various quests.